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Dear friends,

The creative association "Nikitur" was created for the purpose of performance and full support of the most talented and promising children and youth in the field of arts, the implementation of major cultural projects on a national and international level.

Our partners are eminent workers of arts, directors, dramatists, critics, journalists, experts in the field of performing arts, designers and artists.
Our creative association Nikitur is a rapidly growing organization, proven in the field of international cultural projects as one of the leaders in Bulgaria. During the years of its existence the company has conducted a number of important events and activities in Bulgaria and abroad. The two most important festivals “Planet of Childhood” and the Festival of Russian folk art "Summer and friends of Bulgaria” are annual events for the city.

We managed to create many worthy stories! Each of our projects is a live organism, shocking and delightful with their unconventional approaches to art. It is breaking the stereotypes, fireworks of events and chances. It is an improvisation and grand plans. And it also means months of solid and interesting work. Today, we are willing to review creative projects. If you have any idea – please write! We can make them happen on the magnificent scenes of Obzor and other cities in the world.
"Nikitur" works with cultural and educational institutions, creative teams, theater and concert halls, musicians and teachers - all interested in the development of such areas as art-tourism. The Nikitur specialists have rich experience in organizing festivals and competitions, organizing the participation of Russian teams in European festivals. The large experience of Nikitur’s leading specialists in this field has allowed us to gain vast amounts of information. "Nikitur" created a whole system of consulting services, through which you will easily access the treasures of information. You can know about your chosen festival and competition, as well as the cheapest transport available and book your hotel.

"Nikitur" is known and recognized in Europe as an organizer of cultural projects. Our partners are leading organizations and companies working in the field of culture, arts, education, recreation and entertainment.

WE COOPERATE with Russian and European international organizations, the founders of international musical, vocal, dance festivals, with children's and youths’ organizations and associations, with music art schools, with senior and middle schools of music and choreography, palaces of culture, art houses, cultural centers of the countries of Europe, organizers of international festivals, the organizers of creative projects, with some teachers and workers of culture and art.

We are the founders of the annual international festivals in Obzor, Bulgaria.
"Nikitur" is an organization for promoting the development of children and youth creativity

Good luck to you and to us!

Artistic Director

Nikola Atanasov


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