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Participation application

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Participation application

You can fill in your application online, or print it from your computer and then send it by mail.


*Required field

1. Group name (names and surname of soloist), age:

2. Number of people (girls, boys):

3. Leaders (teachers, accompanists - full names and surname):

4. Name of organization:

5. State, region, district, city, address:

6. Telephone, fax (area code) or mobile:

7. E-mail:

8. Nomination (genre of performance):

9. The program of performance (name, duration):

10. Technical requirements (number of microphones, lighting, etc.):

11. Your application for photography (photographs, CD):

12. Payment of registration fee (cash, a non-cash payment.):

13. For the guests: Date, place of arrival, departure:

14. For the guests: Hotel reservation:

15. For the guests: Additional options (excursions, transfers, etc.):

The groups should arrive in Bulgaria with valid medical insurances. On arrival at the airport / train station you will be welcomed by a representative, with a sign with the name of the NIKITUR company in hands. Then, after passport and customs formalities and luggage receiving, you will be accompanied by a representative of NIKITUR on Bulgarian land. You will be accompanied to a bus that will take you to the hotel.



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